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Connecticut Amateur Radio Emergency Service®

Current status:  Level 0 - All is quiet!
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Current Activation

National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS)
Level 0 - Inactive!
Level 1 - Alert! Level 2 - Standby! Level 3 - Deploy!
Normal Conditions.  No known event likely to occur. Will only occur if something happens (time to load the car, make sure everything is ready) High likelihood of deployment - make final preparations. Will only occur if a served agency asks for help.

Your EC and DEC are your points of contact as always.  In case of emergency when phone service is disrupted, the following (in priority order) are the best ways to volunteer.  Please remember that anyone who self dispatches will be turned away.

The ways to check in when phone service is disrupted are:

First Choice - Your local ARES® 2-meter or other communications links

Second Choice - The linked repeater system - The CT ARES® Resource and Planning Net:

KB1AEV Linked Repeater System
Repeater Site Freq. (Mhz) PL Callsign Notes
Barkhamsted 147.270 + 151.4 W1RWC/R Linked Full Time
Meriden 224.800 - 77.0 K1HSN/R Linked As Needed
Meriden 444.200 - 151.4 KB1AEV/R Linked Full Time
New Milford 146.730 - 192.8 NA1RA/R Linked As Needed
Somers 441.800 + 77.0 N1TUP/R Linked Full Time
Torrington 147.240 + 151.4 KB1AEV/R Linked Full Time
Torrington 447.225 - 77.0 KB1AEV/R Linked Full Time
Vernon 147.345 + 151.4 KB1AEV/R Linked Full Time
Vernon 224.360 - 151.4 KB1AEV/R Linked Full Time
Vernon 442.600 + 151.4 KB1AEV/R Linked Full Time
Washington 441.850 + 77.0 NA1RA/R Linked As Needed
Watertown 441.650 + 151.4 KB1AEV/R Linked Full Time
Woodbridge 442.500 + DCS 073 or
PL 77.0
W1WPD/R Linked As Needed

Third Choice - 3.965 MHz - CT Phone Net and Statewide HF Communications

Last Choice - E-mail to

Note that this e-mail address is only checked during emergencies and is truly a last choice.  During non-emergencies please contact the appropriate ARES® leadership official using the information in

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