Recommended SSID Assignments

An SSID (Secondary Station Identifier) is a number following a station's callsign.  The numbers range from -0 to -15 and are used to identify the type of packet service the station is running.

-0 Home station (note: "-0" not needed - automatically presumed if no SSID.)
-1 Home station personal mailbox (usually a TNC-based PBBS).
-2 Gateways
-3 Full service BBS's (those that forward mail and bulletins).
-4 Network Nodes (having two or more radio ports that perform routing functions via TCP/IP, NetROM, etc.)  (Can be combined with BBS's that also perform routing.)
-5 Console, keyboard or printer
-6 Conference Bridges
-7 Crossband digipeaters (and KA-Nodes)
-8 Crossband digipeaters
-9 Mobiles
-10 Winlink 2K
-11 unassigned
-12 unassigned
-13 unassigned
-14 unassigned
-15 Often used as a downlink address when exiting the far end of a network connection.

The above assignments are from and are only listed here as an example.  Local usage may vary widely from the above.