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SET 2015 - SEC Bulletin #5

This is a drill.  This is a drill.  This is a drill.

The Connecticut Section 2015 SET severe weather scenario continues to unfold with Hurricane Freddy (Krueger?!), now a strong Category 1 storm, making landfall in Connecticut about midnight tonight, Friday, the 13th of November.  Note that NWS continues to expect significant tornadic activity in the Northeast from this hurricane.

For SKYWARN nets this evening (Friday), assume that the eye of Hurricane Freddy will pass slowly over New Haven at about midnight tonight.  Spotters are encouraged to report weather data (wind direction, wind speed, precipitation, etc) that is consistent with that storm track.  So, for example, we would expect the wind directions and speeds reported in Region 1 (left front quadrant) to be different from those in Region 4 (right front quadrant)!

For SKYWARN nets tomorrow morning (Saturday), assume the collapsing hurricane has spawned a large number of tornados.  So we would expect to have spotter reports of (possible) tornados having touched down in various locations — (hint!) — maybe even in your neighborhood!  Be creative (i.e., have some fun!) with your reports, but try to be realistic to the degree possible.

And BE SURE to use the phrase THIS IS A DRILL at the beginning and end of your transmissions so we don’t have an H. G. Wells "WAR OF THE WORLDS” public reaction!

Thanx for your support!!

This is a drill. This is a drill. This is a drill.

Thanx & 73, Wayne Gronlund N1CLV
Connecticut Section Emergency Coordinator
Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
Cell: 860-917-6472


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November 13, 2015