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Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is an open digital radio standard that is a relatively new mode for CT ARES members.  DMR operates within the existing channel spacing used in land mobile frequency bands globally. Its primary goal is to specify a digital system with low complexity, low cost and interoperability across brands, so radio communications purchasers are not locked in to a proprietary solution.   DMR provides voice, data as well as other services.  It is a two-slot, Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) system offering voice, data and a range of other features and applications.



Location Frequency (MHz) DMR Code Call Notes
Ansonia 444.3500+ CC2 K1EIR  
Bloomfield 446.4375- CC1 W1SP  
Bloomfield VHF 145.4300- CC1 KB1TTN (Test Frequency)
Branford 449.3250- CC1 N1HUI  
Bridgeport 440.7625+ CC1 N1TGE  
Brooklyn 445.7375- CC3 KB1NTA  
Colchester 445.9875- CC1 WH6SW  
Cornwall 444.3500+ CC1 W1SP  
Danbury 445.7375- CC1 KX1EOC  
East Haven 449.8250- CC1 KA1MJ  
Glastonbury 449.1250- CC1 W1EDH  
Guilford 441.2625+ CC1 W1SP  
Hartford 447.9750- CC1 W1SP  
Killingly 444.8000+ CC1 K1MUJ  
Ledyard 449.2750- CC1 W1SP  
Middlebury 445.8375- CC2 WB1CQH  
New Haven 441.4625+ CC1 KB1TTN  
New Milford 440.9625+ CC1 NA1RA  
Newington 442.1000+ CC1 W1AW  
Somers 445.8875- CC1 W1SP  
Stamford 447.1250- CC2 W1EE  
Sterling 445.8375- CC1 N1CLV  
Storrs 441.4625+ CC2 W1JLZ  
Torrington 441.5500+ CC1 W1HDN  
Union 443.8000+ CC1 KB1NTA  
Vernon 443.9500+ CC1 W1HDN  
Wallingford 442.0000+ CC3 W1SP Portable Test
Waterford 448.9750- CC1 W1NLC  
West Haven 449.9250- CC1 KB1TTN  
Westbrook 445.7375- CC2 WB1EOC  
Wilton 440.7500+ CC1 W1SP  
Wolcott 440.8125+ CC1 KB1TTN  

CT ARES will hold a CT ARES DMR Net every Sunday at 8:30 PM following the CT ARES SM/SEC Net.

The DMR Net will use the CT ARES Connecticut Statewide Talk Group (Call ID 8901 on Time Slot 2).

That is carried by all of the CT-ARES DMR Network repeaters.

To monitor activity on the CT-ARES DMR Network C-Bridge, click this link:

CT ARES DMR Netwatch

Additional documents:
       CT-ARES DMR Network Info (12July2017)

       CT-ARES DMR Talkgroup Info (05May2016)

       CT-ARES DMR Interoperability Approval

       Tips on using DMR repeaters

       CS700 Codeplug for all CT DMR repeaters (Zip file)

       CS750 Codeplug for all CT DMR repeaters (Zip file)

       CS800 Codeplug for all CT DMR repeaters (Zip file)


NE-TRBO DMR Network in CT

Location Frequency (MHz) DMR Code Call Notes
Bridgeport 442.2000+ CC1 AG2K  
Colchester 440.8000+ CC1 K1JCL  
Coventry 449.8750- CC1 K1JCL  
Cromwell 444.1500+ CC3 W1VLA  
Killingly 444.8500+ CC1 K1JCL  
Monroe 444.4000+ CC3 KA1HCX  
Norwalk 448.0750- CC1 W1NLK  
Northford 449.4750- CC1 NI1U  
Prospect 448.1750- CC1 W1LAS  
Seymour 442.9000+ CC1 KA1HCX  


Brandmeister DMR Network in CT

Location Frequency (MHz) DMR Code Call Notes
Avon 442.0500+ CC1 W1HDN  
Bristol 448.8750- CC1 W1IXU  
Vernon 440.8625+ CC1 AA1HD