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SET 2015 - SEC Bulletin #8

This is a drill.  This is a drill.  This is a drill.

The Connecticut Section 2015 Simulated Emergency Test (SET) is now complete!   Hurricane Freddy (aka the "Friday the 13th Storm”) is now just a bad memory!

There was LOTS of excellent activity in all five Regions!  And we certainly met our goal to emphasize generating and passing a significant amount of record message traffic!

My sincere thanx to all SET participants — ARES Operators, SKYWARN Spotters, and NTS Traffic Handlers — who cooperated to ensure our mutual efforts provided the expected level of service to our Partner Agencies.

From my vantage point as Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC), everyone worked hard over the 48 hour exercise period to make it very successful!  I really appreciate your support!!

Emergency Coordinators at all levels (SEC, DEC, ADEC, EC, AEC) and Net Managers (NM) for ARES/SKYWARN/NTS need to capture the information needed to complete the SET Report Forms and submit them ASAP via their chain of command.

The CT ARES Activation Level is hereby returned to Level 0 Inactive.   Enjoy your evening!

This is a drill. This is a drill. This is a drill.

Thanx & 73, Wayne Gronlund N1CLV
Connecticut Section Emergency Coordinator
Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
Cell: 860-917-6472


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November 15, 2015