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Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is an open digital radio standard that is a relatively new mode for CT ARES members.  DMR operates within the existing channel spacing used in land mobile frequency bands globally. Its primary goal is to specify a digital system with low complexity, low cost and interoperability across brands, so radio communications purchasers are not locked in to a proprietary solution.   DMR provides voice, data as well as other services.  It is a two-slot, Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) system offering voice, data and a range of other features and applications.



Region Location Frequency (MHz) DMR Code Call Notes
2 Ansonia 444.3500+ CC2 K1EIR  
3 Bloomfield 446.4375- CC1 W1SP  
3 Bloomfield VHF 145.4300- CC1 KB1TTN (Test Frequency)
2 Branford 449.3250- CC1 N1HUI  
1 Bridgeport 440.7625+ CC1 N1TGE  
4 Brooklyn 445.7375- CC3 KB1NTA  
4 Colchester 445.9875- CC1 WH6SW  
5 Cornwall 444.3500+ CC1 W1SP  
5 Danbury 445.7375- CC1 KX1EOC  
3 Glastonbury 449.1250- CC1 W1EDH  
2 Guilford 441.2625+ CC1 W1SP  
3 Hartford 447.9750- CC1 W1SP  
4 Killingly 444.8000+ CC1 K1MUJ  
4 Ledyard 449.2750- CC1 W1SP  
5 Middlebury 445.8375- CC2 WB1CQH  
2 New Haven 441.4625+ CC1 KB1TTN  
5 New Milford 440.9625+ CC1 NA1RA  
3 Newington 442.1000+ CC1 W1AW  
3 Somers 445.8875- CC1 W1SP  
1 Stamford 447.1250- CC2 W1EE  
4 Sterling 445.8375- CC1 N1CLV  
4 Storrs 441.4625+ CC2 W1JLZ  
5 Torrington 441.5500+ CC1 W1HDN  
4 Union 443.8000+ CC1 KB1NTA  
3 Vernon 443.9500+ CC1 W1HDN  
2 Wallingford 442.0000+ CC3 W1SP Portable Test
4 Waterford 448.9750- CC1 W1NLC  
2 West Haven 449.9250- CC1 KB1TTN  
2 Westbrook 445.7375- CC2 WB1EOC  
1 Wilton 440.7500+ CC1 W1SP  
5 Wolcott 440.8125+ CC1 KB1TTN  

CT ARES will hold a CT ARES DMR Net every Sunday at 8:30 PM following the CT ARES SM/SEC Net.

The DMR Net will use the CT ARES Connecticut Statewide Talk Group (Call ID 8901 on Time Slot 2).

That is carried by all of the CT-ARES DMR Network repeaters.

To monitor activity on the CT-ARES DMR Network C-Bridge, click this link:

CT ARES DMR Netwatch

Additional documents:
       CT-ARES DMR Network Info (12July2017)

       CT-ARES DMR Talkgroup Info (05May2016)

       CT-ARES DMR Interoperability Approval

       Tips on using DMR repeaters

       CS700 06/12/16 Codeplug for all CT DMR repeaters (Zip file)

       CS750 6/12/16 Codeplug for all CT DMR repeaters (Zip file)

       CS800 6/12/16 Codeplug for all CT DMR repeaters (Zip file)

       Anytone AT-878UV 5/23/19 Codeplug for all CT DMR repeaters (Zip file)

       Anytone AT-578 5/1/20 Codeplug for all CT DMR repeaters (Zip file)

       Anytone AT-878 5/1/20 Codeplug for all CT DMR repeaters (Zip file)

       CS-800 5/30/19 Codeplug for all CT DMR repeaters (Zip file)

The following is a link to download N0GSG's Contact Manager:

N0GSG DMR Contact Manager