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Connecticut Amateur Radio Emergency Service®

Current status:  Level 0 - All is quiet!
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General ARES information


Itty Bitty ARES Handbook

The ARRL website has a lot of information on ARES:

  Public Service Communications Manual

ARES logo: ares-logo.jpg

Callup plan listings: Callup.doc


CT Nets: networks.php

Good website for CT repeaters:

Website for up-to-date repeater data in the area:

CHIRP Programming: Quick Loading of CT ARES Frequencies

Listing of linked and linkable repeaters in CT: Linkrepeaters  (Updated December 4, 2019)

Membership & Recruitment

CT ARES Membership Application: Join Us

Newspaper or Club Bulletin insert for recruitment: newsletterinsert.doc

A paper to explain ARES to other groups: considering.doc

CT ARES Recruitment Brochure: brochure 2004.doc

A letter to explain ARES to your boss: Employer's Note

Generic Emergency Coordinator job description: EC.doc


CERT Training: CERT Training

Local CERTs: Nearby CERT Teams


Packet Quick Start Guide: Packet Info

Winlink 2000 Client Software: Outpost/AirMail/RMS Express/Paclink

Information on Specific locations

State EOC at Hartford Armory: ARES Handbook for OEM.doc

CT ARES Region 2: CT ARES Region 2 Website

CT ARES Region 3: CT ARES Region 3 Website

CT ARES Region 4: CT ARES Region 4 Notifications
  CT ARES Region 4 Website

Mobile Communication Unit: Mobile Communication Unit

CT SkyWarn: CT SkyWarn Web Site

Bethel Office of Emergency Management:



Emergency Support Functions (ESF): ESFs 1-15

A handout page to give to ARES volunteers
at a marshalling area:

Worldwide Emergency & Disaster Information Service: Emergency & Disaster Information Service

National Hurricane Center: Introduction to Hurricane Preparedness

  Atlantic & Eastern Pacific Marine Forecasts

National Storm Prediction Center: Watches & Forecasts for tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, wildfires, and hazardous winter weather

Please note that the following link is for nurses
and other medical professionals and represents
those groups' thoughts and recommendations:

Emergency Preparedness Guide for Seniors and Caretakers : Emergency Preparedness for the Elderly

Weathering the Winter Season: Weathering Winter

Public Health and Emergency Preparedness: Public Health and Emergency Preparedness

Home Preparation Tips for Weather Emergencies: Home Preparation Tips for Weather Emergencies

Home flooding guide > How to safely clean up and prevent future issues: Basement Flooding Guide


Earthquake information:


Centers for Disease Control emergency preparedness and response:


Nuclear Regulatory Commission emergency response: Emergency Preparedness and Response


    FEMA Emergency Management Institute:  

       Independent study courses: List of Available ISP Courses

       Homeland Security Preparedness:

       FEMA ICS Forms (Word format): ICS Forms 201 through 225

Automatic Link Establishment: HFLink


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